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How to get the private key of a new VolanoChat-Version:
  1. At first you need a simple java decompiler. One of the first suggests from google was this page:
  2. Download the decompiler (i prefere the gui version), launch it and click to the menu File->Open File... select the chat jar-file (for example You will see a simple obfuscated file. (till now only the class names are obfuscated)
  3. Find this class:
    package COM.volano;
    public class _RandomName_ extends SecureRandom
      public static final byte[] a = { ... }; 
    1. Replace the byte-array a in the file in the attachment through the byte-array you found in the class.
    2. Launch the java app from the attachment. You'll get an output like this:
      Sun DSA Private Key 
          fca682ce 8e12caba 26efccf7 110e526d b078b05e decbcd1e b4a208f3 ae1617ae
          01f35b91 a47e6df6 3413c5e1 2ed0899b cd132acd 50d99151 bdc43ee7 37592e17
          962eddcc 369cba8e bb260ee6 b6a126d9 346e38c5
          678471b2 7a9cf44e e91a49c5 147db1a9 aaf244f0 5a434d64 86931d2d 14271b9e
          35030b71 fd73da17 9069b32e 2935630e 1c206235 4d0da20a 6c416e50 be794ca4
      x:     1017c906 256dc147 48612cd3 a40c4abd 80085b3a 

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void77 Jun 1, 2012 at 11:49 PM 
// v2.10.0
DSAKeyInfo.Y = Convert.FromBase64String("QZGjhx7hzb5da9la7WKt23zFjJ+yfb7ZPuNbIlb5LlrxPWRZdN4zLw/uOQEuyzJUDTuvqRq4PowU\r\r\nbtbkM9giPQ==");
DSAKeyInfo.X = Convert.FromBase64String("PvOKKBwhltOTd3jNxgBQBWcJUpM=");
DSAKeyInfo.G = Convert.FromBase64String("Z4Rxsnqc9E7pGknFFH2xqaryRPBaQ01khpMdLRQnG541Awtx/XPaF5Bpsy4pNWMOHCBiNU0Nogps\r\r\nQW5QvnlMpA==");
DSAKeyInfo.P = Convert.FromBase64String("/KaCzo4Syrom78z3EQ5SbbB4sF7ey80etKII864WF64B81uRpH5t9jQTxeEu0ImbzRMqzVDZkVG9\r\r\nxD7nN1kuFw==");
DSAKeyInfo.Q = Convert.FromBase64String("li7dzDacuo67Jg7mtqEm2TRuOMU=");

void77 Jun 1, 2012 at 11:48 PM 
I'm trying this with the code from a 2.10 version of volano. When using the key generated as you describe the code never gets a callback from the server. I'm assuming the authenticate fails. Any ideas?