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Project Description
This is an alternative pure .NET and C# based chat client for the volano java-based chat. xvcc trys to use the latest applicable .NET technologies like LINQ to Objects, WPF, Generics, ClickOnce, etc.

First basically working version! Check out the Downloads section!!!

I'm not an artist but... you get the idea.


Features include:
  • No Java required
  • No installation required
  • No Channel limits -> join the number of channels you can handle
  • Very basic logging -> the basic architecture exists, though not much gets logged yet
  • Fully WPF based -> nothing fancy used until now
  • Highly customizable UI thanks to the great AvalonDock Library

Features missing:
  • Query support (a very basic framework exists, need to work this out)
  • Gracefully handling disconnects, connection/general errors
  • Automagic mechanisms like tab-completion, auto-join, colors, ...
  • Ignore: people, queries
  • Highlighting -> your nick, user-defined words
  • Support for different server versions -> some basic plans exist

  • .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1
  • Windows operating system (so far it's only tested on Vista)

Please keep in mind that the project is still in an alpha state. It's very likely that I missed sth., perhaps the license changes and for sure the source will change. If I did sth. obvisouly wrong please drop me a note and I will try to fix it as soon as possible!

The source is working for me but it's in a early state, so be warned! It needs alot of cleanup, I know this ;-)

I do this mostly for learning purposes and fun and if it's even useful to someone that's just great.

Feedback is very welcome.

Please consider that this project is in a alpha state and so it's probably full of bugs and you can help to fix them by simply reporting them ;-)

Bugs and feature requests -> Issue Tracker

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